Redesigning the Education System

Regarding you are a citizen of a developing country or not, there are some crucial facts which will be the major concern of most economies in the world in the near future. Companies, governments, individuals must be informed about what is waiting us in the near future. 

The picture i will describe here is not a science fiction. I am also not a genious to foresee a future that no one can see. I will just underline some facts which most people easily live with clues pertaining to my point. 

What will be the major change in 20 years that will drastically effect most individuals and their economical behaviors?

Some technologies started to take their place in our life will have a great impact in our lives very soon. These technologies are;

1- VR- Virtual Reality, 2- 3D Printing technology 3-Nano technology

Well the list can be prolonged for sure. Based on the technologies mentioned above, computer technology, energy, transportation, biology, medicine etc. will be evolved beyond the boundaries of most people could have ever imagined. 

The way we live will be changed. The economy will be transformed. Monetery systems will be shaken. The way we entertain ourselves will change drastically. I will not fall into details to explain how. Out of the many outcome questions of such changes, i find imminent to underline 2 important questions and their respective answers.

The answers of those questions can brighten our future if we can answer them and act accordingly. 

– What will the economy of a country will need to keep developing with such changes? 

– What should be the standing point of the individual to adopt to such changes? 

– The economical development of a country relies on many things. Natural resources, trade relations, geopolitical position etc. Between all many factors one of them is much more critical over all others. Human resources. Without adequate human resources, the development of every country will be limited to a certain level. This is a statistically proven fact. Human resources could have been perceived as a numerical issue in close old future. Today and in the future this issue is and will be a matter of quality rather than an issue of quantity. It will not be wrong to state existing and future development of every country will rely on their adequately educated human resource. What does adequately educated mean? Adequately educated; The human resources of a country should have the required education demanded by the economical development strategy and strive of that country. Imagine a country in which it’s very economic power relies on tourism and yet there are no tourism education in this country?. My statement; if we do not redesign the existing education system according to our existing future goals and current reality, our country will take a share of the given example . The consequences of this obviously do not need further explanation. This is an urgent problem we should face today. Unable to respond to this urgent act we will have live with its immense negative consequences.

We need individuals who are prepared to live in a digital world. We need individuals who are prepared to live in a continuously evolving and learning environment. We need individuals who can continuously adopt into different disciplines of work. We need individuals regardless of their area of work, to be creative, imaginative, productive, determined, self aware, responsible. We need every individual to be able to design, think, reform and change for what is to come. The success of every economy in the world relies on the ability to increase the number of such quality in individuals forming their society. Nations who fail on this objective will be destined to seize and fade and may even face extermination (at least by culture wise) in a world where cultural curtains are getting thinner everyday. This is issue is more imminent for developing countries as governments should be aware of this fact. and individuals should try to position their children accordingly and respectively. 

My observation of general education system today (talking for my country at least) involves many negative judgments. We generally do not educate our children to be a part of even according to existing demand of economy. By numbers it does not mean anything how many engineers a country has graduated, master sciences or doctorates from University. If my country had managed to make only %10 of total engineering graduates “real engineers”, we could share an important role for the first trip to Mars. Yes this is an assertive statement. But it is also very unfortunate for me to state this in total belief by experience of 20 years in a multi disciplined engineering career. Engineering is only one side of it. I do not exclude any other disciplines. What i wish for the development of engineering mind for an engineer, i wish it for all other careers which do not have any less importance for the development of a nation and it’s economy.

“What is the point of sending a child to an institute so called school every each day and spending thousands of dollars of our hard earned money if that child is not going to learn the abilities required for his/her own economic survival.”

“There is a big difference in doing something for only doing it or doing it properly for really/meaningfully doing it.”

If a child thinks he is not talented for math, science, and physics and feels forced hatefully to imitate an impression of learning them to be graduated. Who should we blame for this?

The solution of the problem for a 16 year age girl with a traditional family: How to meet her boyfriend at night by tricking her parents? is a much harder method to figure out than most ordinary science problems. Observing the methods and creativity applied to solve such problem, involves many math and science applied automatically and much more willingly by our 16 year old. The problem is not the lack of ingenuity of our kids. Its the lack of the education system and its ineffective methods to give them the connection to their brain cells. 

“If you have the brain power to go to school and come back home. Your brain capacity is at least 10-100 times more adequate and capable to grasp any scientific problem.”

If a child ever thinks otherwise, the problem is not cause they lack this ability. The problem is the developed methods teaching.

Every child, unregarding exceptions of mental disorders and special exceptions are able to grasp all math, science and technology to prepare him/herself for his/her future education for survival and demand of the economy.

An education system is not to give children “a world of what’s”. This is for robots. An education system is to give the children”a world of why’s “. This is for human A world of “why’s” is the nobility you can gift to a brain. The other is the slavery granted. Beginning from childhood to adult, the individual need to know how to learn, how to ask why, and must be inspired and equipped how to seek for answers” 

“We need to teach our children how to think to be creative for thier own prosperity, well- fare and future”

If we fail to create a society in which major of its individuals have minds asking why’s and inspired to seek for their answers, we will be destined to be slaves of the technology we will be forced to use. Not last but least we will be slaves not only to others but to the dark side in ourselves.


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